Well, I was right. Just couldn’t make the comic for today. Wasn’t even close.

But…. I did come across this cool site that creates crosswords and I thought, “Hey! Here’s something I can post that’s quick and easy and fun to do alone (and it’s not masturbation)” So not wanting to go completely dark today I give you the Bohemian Nights Crossword Puzzle.  Some of the questions are a bit challenging, though.  Let’s see how well you know your Bohemian Nights history. Just copy and paste and print. (Answers will be given on Friday…along with a new comic). -Have Fun!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes, too. At the moment Portland has the worst (and by worst I mean hazardous) air quality in the world right now. (-We’re #1! We’re #1!) But we’re safe.  Hope everyone else is doing okay as well. See ya Friday.