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8 3497

8 thoughts on “777 Checking In

  1. Cerveza? Until you say PIVO 😀

  2. friend had a mother like her, took her years to finally get away she was ever so fortunate to have a supportive husband

    1. Yup, good old oppresive parents. Know a bit more about it than I would like.

  3. Lighting the cig off the burner is a very nice touch. As is the vortex in the background. Don’t get sucked in, Emrys!

  4. BTW I thought I´d buy Drinker´s Hell. But it isn´t shipped to Europe 🙁

  5. And the gaslighting begins. I honestly am half expecting her to let Emrys in her house and then lock everyone else out, coming out only to chase them away with a broom and tell Emrys that his buddies abandoned him. But hey, who needs friends when you have your sweet mother always by your side?

  6. Maybe Emrys should eat something before he drinks beer, but I very much understand how he feels. I don’t like phone calls of any kind, but family calls can be especially off-putting.

  7. Emrys, I think your mother needs professional help, she has…issues. 🙁

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