First off, thank you all for all your great names for Emrys’ mom’s name. I so appreciate all the great suggestions. After carefully reviewing them and trying to pick the perfect name that fit her the most, I came up with the final three of…Beatrice, Geraldine, or Diana.

But in the end it looks like Emrys’ mom will be known as….Geraldine. Thank you both Greg and Patrick for the winning name. You now have official bragging rights to being able to have named a character in the comic.

Sorry if I haven’t responded to everyone’s comments. Work’s been a bitch and my health problems have been lingering a bit this week.  I do read everything and I’m immensely grateful for all my loyal readers and commenters. -And  Top Web Comic voters! After years of being in the 280-300 range It seems for the first time in forever I’m hovering around 160! Who knows. The comic might one day get on the coveted first page of 1-100. We’ll see.

As you can guess, running a little behind on the Midnight Edition. Should be up for Patreons sometime next week.