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7 2203

791 Out of Choices

7 thoughts on “791 Out of Choices

  1. “I can make it work.”

    Me: “You wanna bet?”

  2. It may be a hassle, but Emrys should look into the services and asssistance that Geraldine is entitled to. Then he can decide if she really needs him living there.

  3. Arrrgh, I wish this had more uncertainty and wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Emrys would choose his friends over his mom. (The only uncertainty is HOW it will happen.) Stephanie’s realization in her one interlude strip means that she MUST come back into Emrys’s life, and I really doubt that she would drive two days to be with him, especially since she doesn’t know where he is.

    I’m kinda hoping Shannon goes all Big Sister on Geraldine and convinces her that she doesn’t NEED Emrys to take care of her, that he’s a precious friend and in this stage of his life she, Beth, and the others need him more than Geraldine does. I’m also hoping Emrys and Shannon’s friendship expands a whole lot more since, having read the entire series, the only girl in the gang that Emrys is really close to is Beth and I really want a friendship where one side isn’t lusting after the other.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I will try to increase Emrys and Shannons friendship going forward. As for the rest…well…there still might be a surprise or two before this chapter comes to a close.

  4. I like Corey C.’s take on this scene, though I don’t really see it as a foregone conclusion one way or another. What I >do< wonder about though is why Emrys would be allowed to live with his mother in an assisted living community. I don't have in depth experience with them, but generally speaking, housing that is specifically for seniors and elderly doesn't allow for live-in relatives. I imagine this will be answered in the following scenes, but for now, that's the biggest question on my mind in determining what will happen next, which might be why Corey said this is a forgone conclusion in favor of the gang over Geraldine.

    It might be painful to watch, or relive in Eric's case, but it certainly could be viewed as an instructive experience for those who aren't aware of this side of life that might be in their future.

  5. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Yup. Everyone is going to go through watching their parents get old. It’s hard to go through.

    1. I have quite recent experience about that with my grandparents.

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