9 1851

9 1851

808 Calling Card

The specter of the past keeps hanging around.

9 thoughts on “808 Calling Card

  1. Oh……sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

    AHEM! We now return you to your regularly scheduled life…….

  2. ugh – – was hoping she was gone for good LOL

  3. I think Stephanie is missing Emrys. He treated her well.

  4. I havr complicated feelings about Stephanie. I don’t hate her. She seriously fucked up with Emrys, and I’m not happy.about that. But its clear she has issues. I just think she isn’t going to solve them on her own, either. She needs help, probably a good shrink. But till she gets that help, stay away from the crew.

    1. I’m with you, Greg, I actually feel sorry for Stephanie and her crash and burn relationship with Emrys. Since we get to see the bits of story he and the others don’t, it makes her a sympathetic character. Rich intended harm and has no remorse, but I think Stephanie is at least hip deep in it right now and wishing she knew how to make things work.

  5. Well, world is small 🙂

  6. With Geraldine’s arc being a bit anti-climactic I really hope Stephanie is the final obstacle for Emrys and Beth’s relationship. I really hope that interlude with her in the middle of the road trip actually hinted at something life changing for her character. (And not “I’m carrying Emrys’s baby!” That’s way too cliche.) I wonder if she’ll finally open up. I don’t see her as evil like Rich was, but there us something clearly wrong with her and honestly I think she deserves the hug of friendship Emrys gave Shannon. (JUST a hug, though.)

    1. A baby should not be a thing. They used rubber and Steph later used pills. So they should be safe in this way.

  7. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Nothing brings out the animosity like Stephanie. But that’s for another storyline….
    We still have Emrys and Beth to hash out…and it will have a better climax.

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