8 2545

8 2545

847 Affairs of the Heart

Rose City Comic Con was fantastic! It's been a couple of years since I attended but this one made up for it. Sales were really good (especially the Drinker's Hell games) and I got to meet some great fans of the comic! (-and of the game).  Over all, it was extremely gratifying and I am so appreciative of everyone that came by. Thanks also to my friends and assistants, James and Matt for helping me out.  

8 thoughts on “847 Affairs of the Heart

  1. Huh, not where I thought it would go, but looks like Emrys just grew a bit.
    Mostly in his spine.

  2. So Emrys is way braver and more grown up than I would think. Good for him. Let now see how it goes by Beth.

  3. Way to go, Emrys!

    Makes me wonder if Beth is worthy of you.

  4. I was sure Emrys was going to get some hot no-strings action as a reward from the universe for his travails. But … given what we know of him it makes sense that he actually wouldn’t want that. Well played, Eric.

  5. Nicely said, Emrys, and I agree with you even though I said otherwise previously. There are so many pitfalls in life and it’s hard to make the right decisions sometimes, especially when emotions and biology get involved. The fact that you recognize your feelings for Beth enough to take this step, well, that does you credit, but now comes the hard part, which is doing exactly what our mystery lady said you should do.

    Stand tall, Emrys, we’re in your corner and support you. Be honest, take on the responsibility for your actions that were made in fear and anxiety, then let the chips fall where they may. Like she said, it might end up with a heart breaker answer, but you’ll survive one way or another and at least you will have closure on the matter. Like tearing a bandaid off quickly, the pain is transitory, but when the wound has healed enough that it isn’t required any longer, it’s best to get rid of it.

    Eric, thank you so much for this storyline, I am really enjoying the opportunity it gives me for self reflection. I wish the courage for Emrys that I never had when I was his age.

  6. now lets hope Beth comes to the same conclusion and Emrys finds the strength to follow through

  7. Emrys has admirable guts and honesty. If he stays the course, he’ll keep his self esteem, which is a necessary element of a happy life.

  8. Having loved someone for 16 of my 33 years, I remember being in his same position MANY times. From where I am now I wish I had taken any number of those situations sooner than it took me. Constant rejection like Emrys has received with the small hints of more forms something that is toxic and will eventually crush you. I hope the same is not true for these two, but from where I am sitting I wish I could tell Emrys my life story and tell him to be careful with Beth and think about trying to move on. Just food for thought for all of those who are cheering for Emrys for walking away. When I finally took someone up on a similar offer it was the first step to finding a me that could live without that one person.

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