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848 Throwing it all away

13 thoughts on “848 Throwing it all away

  1. She took that well.

  2. So, Robert is a good cleaner, or Beth might spend night in jail. And perhaps not only one night.



    “I’m sorry, that was out of line”


    “What? It’s a thing! It’s called a Clitorus.”

  4. Wow, and I thought Robert was divorced. Oh well, so much for my “Rob follows Beth to make it work” theory…

    I really have no sympathy for Beth in this scenario. Shannon warned her TWICE not to go through with the date but you just went after him because she wanted to have some sexy fun over doing anything responsible. Granted, the rest of the gang’s adventures were pretty ill advised too (except for Jeff and Jojo, who seemed to have an actual nice date together) but at least they didn’t know there was something wrong with the strip club until AFTER they went into it.

    At least Beth finally realizes she’s repeating her pattern again and Shannon was right all along.

  5. I guess I underestimated Beth more than I thought, which makes me a little sad. I had the impression that she would be upset over Robert’s immoral behavior, but I didn’t realize it would be the catalyst for change that it appears to be. Maybe she really has been listening to Shannon?

    Maybe I’m just a sap, but I actually do have sympathy for Beth, because now I think I better understand how she walked into this situation. I’m recalling some of the previous moments in the story where she actually took time to get to know Emrys a little better, specifically the scene where she was reading the comic authors he admired (after he got together with Stephanie), her one night stand that she might have enjoyed, but ran from quicklTy the next morning, and sharing her painful pastrelationship withh Ric while Emrys sat and listenedh. he changes have been subtle over the past couple hundred pages or so, which is how life goes usually, but it looks like Beth may have made up her mind to break the cycle of bad relationship choices. Without seeing her internal dialogue throughout this whole period there’s no way to actually know her mind, but that mimics real life too, and it’s wonderful to witness her epiphany.

    Time for a fresh start, Beth and Emrys. You’ve certainly acquired some hard won wisdom since you met, so let it help guide you toward a happier life moving forward. πŸ™‚

    1. The comments system strikes again with scrambling text. πŸ˜›

      Throwing It All Away
      by Genesis

      Need I say I love you
      Need I say I care
      Need I say that emotions
      Are something we don’t share?

      I don’t want to be sitting here
      trying to deceive you
      Cause you know I know baby
      That I don’t wanna go

      We cannot live together
      We cannot live apart
      And that’s the situation
      We’ve known it from the start

      Every time that I look at you
      I can see the future
      Cause you know I know baby
      That I don’t wanna go

      Just throwing it all away
      Throwing it all away
      Is there nothing I can say
      To make you change your mind
      I watch the world go round and round
      And see mine turning upside down

      Throwing it all away

      Now who will light up the darkness
      And who will hold your hand
      Who will find you the answers
      When you don’t understand?

      Why should I have to be the one
      Who has to convince you?
      Cause you know I know baby
      That I don’t wanna go

      Then someday you’ll be sorry
      Someday when you’re free
      Memories will remind you
      That our love was meant to be

      But late at night when you call my name
      The only sound you’ll hear
      Is the sound of your voice calling
      Calling out to me

      Just throwing it all away
      Throwing it all away
      And there’s nothing that I can say

  6. I’ll be glad if this does turn out to make Beth change her game, but she could’ve given Robert a *little* more hell before she turned her anger on herself. Though I guess if she burns down his little rooftop love nest in the process it’s all good πŸ™‚

  7. Beth clearly has an anger management problem. She’s demonstrated it in the past. It’s time for her to get help with it.

  8. I applaud the artist, I knew that there was a great revelation coming but I had no idea how this would unfold.. Bravo!, sir. Please take a bow….. Beth has finally had the moment we all need to experience at least once in our lives where we acquire actual consciousness. That moment where we suddenly realize that we’re the common element in all the crap in our lives. That ” no matter where I go, there I am!” Only once you accept that you own yourself can you begin to Beal yourself. That conversation at the table about highschool confirmed that Robert was a player, and that Beth liked to think she was a player, too, even if mostly clueless. Oh, yeah … Beth is not angry as much as embarrassed…. vulnerability is hard, especially after being hurt by those you trusted, she needs to talk to someone who will listen

    1. …. grrrr…. that should be “heal”, not “Beal” …. I miss Norton Editor.

  9. Having had the experience of having your dearly beloved go chasing that tasty pork chop, I rather enjoyed seeing Beth get a bit of awareness of just what she was doing. But do note, it’s just a little bit at this point. All she’s aware of is that this particular salami isn’t enraptured with her every atom, seeing her much like she sees him, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s you ran across that you weren’t aware might be in the freezer.
    She has no idea of the pain she’s caused Emrys, again, Doesn’t seem to care much either. She has no idea of what she is doing to her relationships with her friends, because who trusts someone with such shallow judgement? Who takes such a person seriously?

    1. The next morning, ShanBeth interaction might be interesting.

  10. “Why do I keep making …” says it all. This is not the first time she has noticed her behavior and it hasn’t changed. Many an addict – think cigarettes – has bemoaned their addiction but have done nothing to overcome it.

    This does not seem to be an epiphany and may or may not be life changing.

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