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17 8338

#922 Red Flags at Morning

Okay, I promise after today's comic I'll feature some of the other characters for a while. I got to catch up on those storylines. 

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17 thoughts on “#922 Red Flags at Morning

  1. This does not bode well.

  2. Ahh. So we have a New way to cause drama….

  3. There appears to be a page numbering glitch…
    … shouldn’t this be #922?

  4. #921 is not loading – should this not be #922?

  5. Okay, Fixed the link on the last comic so it should come up now. Fixed the numbering on this page as well. I guess chalk it up to a very hectic week. Thanks everyone 🙂

  6. Here it comes…
    It’s never good when they want to keep it a secret. Ask me how I know.

  7. When this “secret” will fall out, I want to be in a first row with Paprika Peanuts 🙂 I see all guys patting Emrys’ back 😀

    1. Pfffft! Wasabi pistachios have paprika peanuts beat six ways from Sunday.

      1. True. Just as Central European I prefer subtle tastes.

  8. That is not the most encouraging sign… bring the feckin’ DRAMA. What happens when Emrys lets it slip, and Beth finds out she wasn’t in control of the info sharing…. AW S**T, SON.

  9. Emrys needs to get a grip, man up, and declare himself, damning the torpedoes and all that.
    (I failed miserably at it and paid the price.)

  10. I do see Shannon getting all “Mama Bear” over Emrys, especially since, the last time she and Beth talked about romance, Beth was getting ready for a date with some OTHER guy, and has no real idea of what happened during the date. I don’t really know how many days in-universe this day is from the night of Beth’s horrendous Vegas date, but I do foresee Shannon misunderstanding and thinking Beth is dating two guys simultaneously .

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Roughly two weeks since they got back from their road trip.

  11. bohemiannightsthecomic

    All good scenarios. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

  12. @Brother Parvus:
    Might I suggest…
    Wasabi Macadamia nuts?

  13. A song is going through my head: “Do You Want To Know A Secret?” by the Beatles. 🙂

  14. @Eric, you don’t need hyphens in “nonetheless.” I hope this makes the spelling easier for you.

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