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932 Small Talk

Happy New Year!

So a reader asked, 'how many more chapters do you plan on publishing?  And what will we expect to see in later chapters?'

I still have a lot I'd like to tell. A lot more I'd like to explore with these characters and as time moves on and they change, so do the story options for them. It's kind of a living thing, writing is. After a while the characters themselves begin to tell you what they want to do and what direction they want you to take them towards. Honestly, it's one of the best things about writing.

This being the 7th chapter or Book, and each chapter is roughly 150 pages I can easily see 7 or more chapters taking us up to about 2000 posts. So basically almost half way there. The only real question in my mind is WHEN will I get there? Publishing a page a week does cut back on just how long that will take. But I have my health to consider as well as my crappy day job. and those factors tend to slow me down more than I want to. I promise though to post more often when I can. 

As for what to expect for the future. Well, without giving too much away here goes....

Obviously the relationship between Beth and Emrys. And once we get over the initial 'glow' of a new love, diving deeper into what it takes to keep a loving relationship going. And then there is Stephanie which may add some wrinkles to the plot. I can go a couple of different directions with her so kinda seeing where it takes me.  But she is a main character and I would like to flesh her out a bit more. 

There is also Dave and Katie and that whole thing going on. But Dave has a major storyline beyond that I've been jumping in and out of as well. There is Jeff and Jojo, who are kind of up in the air right now so that needs to be settled as well. Some other plotlines are also Devon and Annabel, Mateo and Mia and their budding music career and Shannon and her reevaluating her life (as well as the hazards of dating apps.)

There are also some more major storylines I'd love to do that haven't been introduced yet. (or have but in sub plots that you may not have even caught) 

I still would like to focus on what it's like to be in your twenties -lost but alive, which is pretty much the main theme of the comic. One thing is for certain, nothing stays the same forever. People change. Situations change. Life is a flowing river. You can only live in the moment because that moment will change and never be the same again. We've seen these characters as a snapshot in their twenties...but what happens when their twenties come to an end? I think that's the direction the comic is heading towards but that is still a little ways off.  I will try to pick up the pace of the stories though. Especially if I'm only posting once a week for a while. 

The short answer is I got lot's more to create with these wonderful characters. I'm very glad you are all coming along for the ride. 


17 thoughts on “932 Small Talk

  1. So, will there be traumatic childhood?

    And I’d say I answered those questions well at last page 🙂

    1. I’d say you were correct. 🙂

      1. Despite not being here as long as others, I guess I can call myself a veteran 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, Eric! I’m very happy to be along for the ride and grateful to you and your characters for doing the driving.
    I guess I have to go back and do some rereading because I’m not sure what major storyline for Dave you’re talking about, unless you just mean his ongoing struggle to get his act together. But regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out for him and Shan and everyone else!
    And Gorbi, you’re as much a part of this thing as anyone else, and more than most — you can call yourself whatever you want 🙂

  3. interesting thought here, Steph may want to stay friends and Beth may not be on board with that

  4. Can’t recall where I originally heard it, but I think the saying goes something like…
    …”what is most contrary to Salvation is not Sin, but Habit”
    I’m not saying that Stephanie is a bad person, but she doesn’t seem to be a”good fit” for Emrys. It might be too easy for her to slide backwards into bad patterns of behavior if she tries to stay friends with him.

  5. I was pretty critical of Stephanie from pretty much day one, but I’d like to think that I’ve come to better understand her over the course of her story up to this point and I think that she really has made the first step towards changing her life for the better, acknowledging that she has a problem with her behavior. She appears to be taking the next step and trying to reconcile with Emrys, but whether it’s just my interpretation of Eric’s art, which makes me believe she really is sorry, or just my wanting to believe she can change for the better, I can’t say. I like what both G and DMC_Run said and think those are good possibilities, but I guess what I’m hoping to see is for all three characters to sort through their issues with open and understanding dialogue over the course of the next chapter or two. It’s a lot to ask for, but I think Stephanie needs good friends to support her so she can learn how to be a better rounded person and both Beth and Emrys need to develop enough emotional maturity that they can deal with their relationship challenges while still maintaining their existing friendships and building others. The one thing I’m certain of though is that Eric is going to craft a great story and I’m going to enjoy it. 🙂 Happy New Year, everyone!

  6. http://amphibian.com/750 Paraphrasing this, I´d say there is tense present too 😀

  7. @Thracecius:
    I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t believe that Emrys is the best choice of friend to fill that role for her. It might still be possible for someone else in the group to become a better choice.

    1. Sometimes you don’t have a best choice. Sometimes there’s only one person who will even consider listening to you. Stephanie never appeared to have any friends locally and she did her best to alienate all of Emrys’ friends, so he’s probably the only chance she has, plus a vested interest in apologizing. Time will tell I suppose.

  8. Emrys: And I have to deal with one peculiar trucker from Europe. 😀

  9. When Steph said she came for tax form, where does she have that paper? Or is it electronical?

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      She never received it due to having to change her email address so she had to walk in and give Mr. Lapooza her new email address and she couldn’t call him cos she deleted the number the day she quit. (how’s that for a detailed yet completely useless bit of backstory ?)

      1. OK. My idea was she just made up a story to visit shop and try to catch Emrys 🙂 (I am sorry. My country still lives in paper era. So when she mentioned tax form, one of my idea was “Then where it is?”)

      2. 100% believable!

  10. Wow, this is a surprise! I didn’t expect Stephanie to apologize like this. I’d considered her to be a villain in the story. I’m not misogynistic, it’s that most webcomics have an antagonist to oppose the main character, which I consider Emrys to be.

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