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13 7284

933 Go to the Mirror

For those of you who may need your own memory jogger... Here is #755. 

Sorry for the delay on the Midnight Edition comic. It should be up in just a couple of days. 

13 thoughts on “933 Go to the Mirror

  1. UNfortunately, just as I thought 🙁

  2. Oh, dear… Given the link to #755, I believe her. What this has to do with Emrys, though, remains to be seen.

  3. This page’s title…
    …was this “family friend” named… Tom?
    “… Listening to you, I hear the Music,
    Gazing at you, I get the Heat,
    Following you, I climb the Mountain,
    I get excitement at your feet…”

  4. @John Gardner Emrys is her dad, non threatening and not expecting anything of her but her love

  5. Have similar experience when being bullied at same age in school. This gonna hit home by me.

  6. Yeesh, Stephanie, Lapooza’s is not the best place for this conversation… But I guess you knew Emrys wasn’t likely to come with you for a private conversation somewhere else. Good for you for just getting it out there.

  7. It may not excuse your behavior, but it certainly helps explain it, Stephanie. I hope you get the help you need, because no one deserves what happened to you. This is the sort of thing that takes a lot of care and time to heal, so I hope that help finds you or you find it. Hang in there, gal, you can recover from this, you have that strength within you.

  8. +1 to all the above; meanwhile, things like this can be complicated, and Emrys is not the one, due to painful memories and a lack of training, let alone certification, to give her any more help than an accepting ear and perhaps a pointer toward therapy, else *he* could find himself in need of therapy too. OhByTheWay, I prefer Beth’s shape and find Stephanie to be a bit – overblown.

    1. I like the “overblown ones” 🙂 And yes, that is all Emrys can do. And he might need some therapy too.

      1. Agreed here – Emrys could benefit from therapy, given the rather uncool breakup with Stephanie…

  9. Kind of figured this was going to be her backstory given her reaction to her random hookup’s words, but everything else she did after that convinced me she was pregnant. Why pursue Emrys so relentlessly if she wasn’t preggers with his baby? He’s not a therapist, and the only defender of the innocent he knows is the Green Man, who only shows up when he wants to.

  10. Stephanie explains a sad event which happens all too often. In fact, it should never happen at all.

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