7 6723

7 6723

933 Double Trouble

Yup. That's right. I forgot what day it was and I'm a little late with getting this comic posted. Sorry about that. 

Working on the drawings for the hard cover books right now and sending stuff out later this week. Right afterwards I'll be working on the latest Midnight Edition as well and get that out by next Monday. 

Once all the Kickstarter stuff is mailed out it should get back to normal.


7 thoughts on “933 Double Trouble

  1. Time for some unnecessary drama that probably just about everyone has been through before, or at least witnessed. I agree with Emrys’, it isn’t any of Stephanie’s business and he doesn’t owe her a different answer than that, but it remains to be seen if he’ll hold the line with Beth giving him that look. I doubt she realizes that she’s feeding the troll, or that if Emrys had mentioned Stephanie come to his workplace and talking to him means nothing. Learn the phrase “unified front”, Beth and Emrys, then hash it out where there’s no audience. 🙂

  2. I know the reasoning behind Emrys’s decision- Beth wasn’t ready to admit to the world that she was dating Emrys so Emrys respected that decision by not telling Steph, and Steph was pretty vulnerable when she talked to Emrys so saying that he was with Beth could’ve set her off, and vice versa in not telling Beth- but there are consequences to not telling, and Emrys now has to deal with those, especially since he got upset with Beth for keeping their relationship a secret and insisted they need to get everything out in the open. Emrys DID reject Steph’s proposition to get back together. That’s really all that matters, he doesn’t need to give an explanation why, though apparently he’ll need to explain to Beth why he never told her about Steph or her intentions.

    REALLY hoping Steph can find actual friends who like just hanging out with her and don’t want to sleep with her. But Beth and the gang are definitely not it.

  3. Emrys, down those drinks both at the same time, then one double Absinth and alcohol poisoning will do the rest XD It seems to me, that Emrys is between two mill stones. And isn’t it interesting, that now Steph doesn’t mind Tunnel is a dump? Also, Beth can now fulfill her promise. For which Steph looks quite relaxed. Probably she forgot that.

  4. Uh oh, Emrys is in trouble now. I bet somewhere in the next panels the bitches will have a cat fight lol.

  5. Yup, psycho Beth is going to fuck this up fer sure. You either trust your man or you don’t. If you don’t, get out of that relationship. What you DON’T do is deliberately put him over a barrel and start pushing, particularly in public, simply because you’re too immature to have an adult relationship. If someone has to spend all his time tap dancing in a minefield because you have issues that will vary with time and mood, you’re not worth his time. You’re not worth anybody’s time. Nobody’s that pretty or sexy or anything. Start collecting cats and large tea cups now and beat the rush.

  6. I don’t think Beth is psycho. Sure she has faults and insecurities that mess things up sometimes, but everyone has that. The one thing I like about this comic is how real the characters are. Now Stephanie -She is more messed up than Beth by a long shot.

  7. Stephanie is dressed in a way most guys would notice her. I think she wants Emrys to regret leaving her.

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