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16 7099

954 The Other Side

Sorry for the delay on the Patreon Midnight Edition comic this month. I will get it out by the end of this week!

Things have been kinda crazy over here in-between getting the second book out with original sketches to the Kickstarter backers and a second project that just fell in my lap. I was asked to design an album cover for the band The Lonesomes and I couldn't turn it down. 




It's their fourth album and you can check them out HERE

They are a great local band that I've known for a long time. They got four albums to their name and I'm very excited and pleased that they asked me to illustrate their latest release. 


16 thoughts on “954 The Other Side

  1. So, Beth did not fulfill her promise. And Emrys is about to have severe headache, this time not alcohol induced 😀

    And Congratulation to Eric for his album job. You’re getting famuos, man 🙂

    1. *famous. Sorry, English is my second language 🙁

  2. Congrats on the album cover. Nice work. I ride by that building every day. Great job in showing the potential of the location.
    Beh needs to back up just a bit. She was the one wanting to keep their relationship on the down low. Emrys was respecting that at the time. If I have my timeline right.

  3. When I was in my twenties a situation like this probably would have wrecked me and I’d have been tripping over myself to make it right, so I try to keep that in mind in considering how Emrys will likely respond to this drama. I think he should stick to his original response, that it was none of Stephanie’s business, and remind Beth that tonight was the first night that she wanted it to be known that they were a couple, but I don’t expect that to happen. Beth was right about one thing though, Stephanie knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s enjoying the spectacle that Beth is providing.
    Eric! That album cover looks great! I’d have waited another week, easy, if it meant you needed more time for that job. I especially like the lighting, it’s very mellow and comfortable. 🙂

  4. And Beth demonstrates why she can’t have a relationship. Grow up, infant.

    1. Ouch!
      Kinda harsh. She’s not that bad.

      1. Maybe I’ve just been though this crap too many times.

    2. You got to keep in mind that the last person she threw herself at kept a secret that he was MARRIED and she didn’t know it until the wife called him just as they were about to bump uglies. Now, Beth DID tell Emrys to keep his mouth shut about them dating, which he did even when Stephanie asked, but in Beth’s eyes not telling her about Stephanie returning is just as bad as not telling her he’s married; maybe even worse, because Beth and Emrys DID sleep together. Beth’s kind of an emotional wreck right now, and I don’t think Emrys is the person she needs to talk to about this. (Shannon, on the other hand…)

  5. Emrys has a valid excuse for not telling Steph about Beth- Beth specifically asked Emrys to not tell a soul about them being together until she was ready. Emrys kept his word even in the most trying situation of his ex wanting him back, though he did complain after the incident that it was unfair that he had to keep it a secret from everyone no matter what. Emrys obeyed Beth’s rule, so she shouldn’t blame him for keeping quiet about her. “I didn’t want to hurt her” is a lame excuse. He should’ve said “because you had me promise not to tell anyone until you were ready. I was just keeping my promise.”

    Emrys has made dumb decisions but this is one case where I believe he’s not to blame, though I feel if he DID tell Steph about Beth then this situation would still have happened, only with Beth angry that Emrys broke his promise. Either way, he loses.

    1. I agree, this is not a situation Emrys could have come out of without someone blaming him for or accusing him of something. Though I do think that it’s a good thing that he doesn’t counter Beth with “I didn’t tell Steph because you didn’t want me to tell anyone at that point in time” because that would have only led to making both ladies even angrier. Be his approach to dealing with the situation intentional or not (and I assume it’s notnot), it’s always advisable to keep private things private. Pointing out Beth’s part on the blame would be technically correct, but it would only hurt Beth’s position in the heated argument. Ending the debate on the grounds of unimformed accusations being thrown around, and talking it out privately would be the correct way to handle this, and that goes for all the three participants.

      I love how real and relatable the plot in Bohemian Nights feels, and how much it nudges me to think back on when I was in my twenties. Props to Eric for that!

  6. Someone once described art as recollected trauma expressed in a different medium. Emrys getting caught between Beth’s incipient jealousy and Steph’s desire for payback could make for an awesome subject for a drawing… Not that this would soothe anything in the near future.

  7. Did anyone notice that smirk on Steph in the final panel, I think she was hoping just for this reaction maybe trying to split them up or just because she turned the precieved tables on beth

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    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

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  9. I’m basically in the same camp as (Corey C.)
    He was following her orders, got caught in a “no-win” situation, & there’s no way that Stephanie is entitled to hear the REAL reason why he wouldn’t go back to her. She’s not even entitled to listen in, while he explains it to Beth…
    … it’s just flat-out none of her business – period.

  10. Emrys didn’t say or do anything wrong, and Beth should thank her stars she found him.

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