9 5138

9 5138

964 A View to a Thrill

Well, for those at home keeping track of such things, I'm finally out of the call center and onto another job. More hours too. But that means my drawing time has been cut quite a bit and I'm back to drawing late at night like I once used to. It shouldn't be too bad but this is the last week of twice a week comics for a while. Hope you all enjoyed the extra comics for a little over a month. Next week it will just be coming out on Mondays.

But who knows. Maybe sometime down the road I'll do another month long twice a week comic schedule. 

9 thoughts on “964 A View to a Thrill

  1. Well, definitely he can afford Shannon 🙂

  2. You ever see the movie “Lap Dance?” A girl takes on a job as a stripper to pay for her father’s medical bills, gets charmed by a rich guy, eventually breaks up with her jealous boyfriend and throws herself at the rich guy… only to find out he’s a controlling jerk who wanted her purely to brag that he was dating a stripper, and he had a full harem of girls on the side.

    Robert reminds me a lot of the guy in “Lap Dance,” although that guy spent WEEKS getting the dancer’s trust and Robert made his intention clear that he wants to sleep with her on their first DATE! His flag isn’t red, it’s CRIMSON.

  3. where does he put the bookshelves?

    1. Bookshelves? Does he read books, or am I missing another euphemism?

  4. Well he’s certainly impressed Shannon, but I suspect that any guy who’s just looking to “get lucky” isn’t likely to be after a long term commitment. Hope I’m wrong.

  5. Also keep in mind that this is what Shannon usually looks for too -a no strings relationship, so this probably feels very comfortable to her.

    1. She may want no strings, but I have a feeling Richard works as a marionette-maker in his spare time because there’s gonna be a LOT of strings attached.

  6. Let’s just hope Shannon isn’t getting herself into some kind of trouble here.

    He kinda gives of sociopath vibes.

  7. And they’re off! Down the straightaway and heading for the first turn…

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