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#978 Confessions

15 thoughts on “#978 Confessions

  1. Uh oh…I think Devon’s gonna get burned.

  2. Who plays with fire usually gets burnt. And this gonna be some huge bonfire.

  3. aw, crap.

    1. Or as I say shiitake 🙂

  4. That’s…not how you offer comfort in this situation, Devon. I mean, I get it somewhat, it’s really nice to be wanted by someone, especially if you like them too, and it’s nice to want to comfort someone who is in pain, but…this isn’t going to help, unfortunately. It seems like it, but…just hope that Devon and Tori can see clear of this immediately, because I doubt Annabel is going to take this well, however she finds out, and it’s certainly unkind to disregard her commitment and feelings. I’m glad I never went through this sort of thing, because it has to hurt and leave indelible scars.
    Anyhow, hope everyone has a good week! 🙂

  5. Well this is liable to go over as well as a whore ripping ass in church

  6. Now if a guy did this, what would people say of him?

    1. He would be a man whore?

  7. Well, I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming.

  8. Okay… This is going to turn into a train wreck… Devon obviously is feeling so flattered and being ‘new’ to being lesbian, she’s letting herself get caught up in her own emotions as a younger woman, esentially comes on to her in no uncertain terms. Yes, getting it all out in the open can be a good thing, but that should have included Annabel and been somewhere more neutral. As it is, I can see this going very, very badly… Devon is the supervisor at work, and that kiss… That’s actionable, she may have just gotten her entire career blown up, we don’t know if there are games being played. Once again, this is very bad, and potentially getting all kinda of worse.

    1. If I had “no-prizes” to hand out, you would probably get one. You’re explanation of Devon’s motivation is spot on. As for what happens next…..?

      1. Oh… Why thank you! I happily accept my ‘No Prize’ and will strut around like a total winner for at least 20 minutes!

  9. Devon really should read “Pixie Trix Comix.” Her situation is very similar to Zadie (new girl to the LGBTQ scene who gets a cute wrestler girlfriend who adores her but then crumbles at the first sight of temptation.) but it’s kind of worse because, in Zadie’s case. she was forced to claim she was single by her new boss, so the woman tempting her had no idea she was seeing someone (who happened to be her archrival). In Devon’s case, she TOLD Tori UP FRONT that she was in a relationship and Tori made an uncomfortable situation even worse by spilling her guts out like this. A part of me thinks that maybe Devon is blowing up the relationship due to her parents disapproval of her sexual orientation; that if her parents say she’s a sexual deviant, she might as well play the part by dumping the girl that actually cares for her and having a bunch of one night stands with different women. It’s a really heartless and dangerous thing to do, since we don’t really know much about Tori, but I can tell Devon hasn’t been herself since the blowout argument with her parents. Like Shannon with her guilt or Steph with her dealing with her PTSD, Devon really needs a FRIEND, not a lover right now.

    1. that would put Annabel in the same position as Rox? (i mean, yes, obviously!)

  10. “Love Stinks” by the J. Geils Band comes to mind, as this seems like an unfortunate kind of love situation. I don’t think either of them are bad people, they just seem to be vulnerable to romantic temptations.

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