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#999 See You Later


No. Mateo is not gone for good. He's just out of the picture for a little while. All of next chapter to be precise. But he will be back.

Now here's the story behind the story.

For a while now, almost two years, I had the notion of making a spin off web comic that focused on an up and coming band trying to make it big. It would focus on each of the band members as unique individuals as well as the real life thrills and troubles that surround people making music. It seemed like an obvious choice to include Mateo and Mia in the mix and would be a perfect spinoff using them. But alas, life has a way of throwing you curveballs. As I got closer and closer to this point in Bohemian Nights, setting up the move, it became heart-breakingly apparent that I just didn't have the time to draw both comics (not with my now new full time job in credit). But maybe I could write the comic and have someone else draw it? I reached out to my old friend and excellent artist himself (who has been in many bands himself and a remarkable drummer, and has even graced this comic with a few of his own guest pages many years ago) to see if he would be interested in the venture. But unfortunately, he too was just too busy. (He does have a job working for Disney, afterall.) 

So it looks like the whole Band on the Run idea will just have to be shelved for now, But there wasn't really a good way to dissolve this storyline, so off goes Mateo and Mia to follow their dreams. I still might go back and do this story, maybe as a Patreon back up story, maybe as a separate web comic down the road, maybe as a flashback set of pages. Who knows. In any case, Mateo will return later on, but for now he is on hiatus. (his last appearance is actually next page, #1000 which is the last page of this 150 page chapter.) 

And before I forget, if anyone is close by to Salem OR. Don't forget to stop by this fun little convention and say hi. I'll be in artist alley with the first two Bohemian Nights books and Drinker's Hell games and will of course do artist commissioned drawings. This coming weekend!!!

Lastly, for those of you wondering about the third Bohemian book to hit Kickstarter, it should be up and ready sometime late summer (fingers crossed) for a funding and printing to be finished by the end of the year. (appropriate since the majority of the book takes place at a certain new year's eve party). So there is that to look forward to.

See you all on the 1000th post next week!

4 thoughts on “#999 See You Later

  1. Goodbye’s even one’s that are for good things, like a close friend moving on to chase their true dream, can be so emotional. Skipping the ‘train wreck'(s) that occurred between several of the folks in our story here, this would still have been bittersweet. And now, we get to see how everyone deals with the aftermath of what went down at the party…

  2. Situation is serious, when even Jeff doesn’t crack some joke here. (For once ) But Mateo doesn’t leave them for forever.

    BTW when someone tell me to take care, I answer “I’ll try.” 🙂

    1. My standard response is:
      “Well, okay, but you have to promise to do the same!”
      Once they’ve agreed to this, I’ll tell them:
      “Then we have a deal!”

  3. Is Jeff joking about the van? He jokes often so I don’t know.

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