So here’s a little something extra to tie you over. I got the next Bohemian Nights soundtrack up for this (half) of the book. As I said before, this chapter will be a bit longer than others so it will be broken up in two parts. Chalk it up to a long summer of stuff.You can listen to it on Spotify HERE 

And here’s a quick look at the artwork that went into # 653 a few days back.


First the sketches, scanning in, then the laying down of the inks.

The I lay down the flat colors.

Now since it’s night time I then add a transparent layer of light blue to off set the standard coloring everyone has and drop that layer.

I then add an additional transparent layer of darker blue/gray. This will be my shadows.

Finally, I erase out portions of this final layer showing where the bluish light falls down. Sometimes, as in the case of the picture where Emrys looks back on Beth’s house, I do the opposite and just put in the bluish grey shadows where they fall instead of erasing them. And there you go. Night shadows.