And so the Greenman slips back into the night once more. But don’t worry. I’m sure he will return again when you least expect it.

Thanks for everyone who commented and enjoyed the more painted style of the comic. In all honesty, it lends itself better to outdoor scenes than to the indoor ones. I’m working on next weeks strips which take place inside and the painting style just doesn’t quite come off as good. I think a subtle combination of the two is in order. Still working on it.

For those of you who might be interested, I’ve put up an example of the whole painting process down below.

painting 01

I start off with an ink brush outline over the original drawings. I discard the drawing layer then turn the ink layer into a gel. I then block in the color using ink or (in this case) oil paints or a combination of the two using my program of choice: Corel painter. I also add in any background gradients and/or painted images (such as the lamp post).  Next I use a variety of blending brushes or ‘add water’ brushes to the blocked paint.

painting 02

Next, I add more paint, usually to darken, lighten or add secondary color then blend again. I may go through this process two to five time to get it just right. Finally, I add the highlights and snow and the picture is done. -and time to move on to the next frame.

Sometimes this process works out very well. Sometimes not so well. I think the one thing that I have trouble with is maintaining consistency throughout the comic. Some frames I like a lot. Others are a struggle and don’t come out so well. Hopefully the better ones out number the not so good ones.

As always, thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to enjoy the comic. The viewership is up a lot these past couple of weeks. (Thank you, Chris Rusche at Shotgun Shuffle!)*

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*If you haven’t read or even discovered this powerhouse of a comic, I strongly suggest you read it.