And here we are at Book 4 already.

Thank you all for some great suggestions on what to add into the first published book. (Especially  Thracecius, Brett and Sterling) I agree, I don’t want to over extend myself when it comes to stretch goals so I’ll be focusing on new added features for the book over the next half a year or more. Most of you have said back story features would be most welcomed, so I got one more question for you. If I were to do a ten page spotlight on one of the character’s past, who would you most want to see? (excluding Emrys whose past was pretty well covered fairly recently.)I’ll also be working on the extended version of ‘McKrakkins trip’ and even a few never before seen ‘out-take’ comics that never were completely finished. I was also considering occasional commentaries at the bottom of the page talking from anything from artistic notes to hidden story elements.

As for stretch goals, yes, simple is better. I like the idea of the 3×5 character portrait cards a lot and maybe even bookmarks. Also it would be very easy to include a Drinker’s Hell game for a higher level.

So I’ll start working on those. Maybe preview a few of them for the Patreon viewers as they happen as well. Still a little ways off. Maybe by early next year. So feel free to throw me more suggestions between now and then.

I may not have a giant readership like some other web comics out there, but I do feel I got some of the best fans around. Thank you.