After a much needed rest, I’m back to the job at hand. Working on comics this week but the next one #600, is a little longer than usual so everything will be up and running on a regular schedule starting next Monday.

Also working on the Patreon Midnight Edition (to be posted later this week) and the next page of the Greenman (to be posted….tonight?) where the ol Greenman gets a little help from a…familiar face.



And that’s the end of Book 4. (Maybe one day I’ll be able to compile these strips into actual high quality books. Still working on it when I got a free moment or two.)

I know the the past few months have been quite a departure from the usual tone of the comic. I guess it was something I felt I had to do. I don’t regret it, but I don’t think I’ll be traveling down this somber road for a long time to come.It’s time to lighten things up a bit and return to what made these strips so fun to do. It did open up some new story lines I’m looking forward to doing them, though. (As well as the spin-off to this story…the Greenman of Portland. -which will show a more noir/supernatural side to concluding Mark’s death storyline.)

As always, I try to take a week or so off around the holidays, but with the end of this story line so close at hand, I just couldn’t do it until it was finished up. Now seems the perfect break, between books, to rest up and recharge the old batteries. So I’m taking about a week and a half off (This strip). I’m still going to work on the two Patreon strips for the beginning of January, but as always, the holidays have beat me to a pulp and the comic has made me neglect some other things I needed to get done here.

I got a ton of stories already written (from back in summer believe it or not) and ready to go. Story-wise, I will have moved ahead one month’s time from now and the comic will feature almost ALL the characters in their own storylines. More relationship development with Devon and Annabel and Emrys and Stephanie as well as Emry’s new job; Beth, Shannon and Devon get a new roommate (kinda); Rich stays in town causing a bit of turmoil plus more character development on Dave, Jojo, and Jeff and more back story on Beth and Rich. Oh, and some of Beth’s siblings make an appearance too.  And that’s just the beginning. So come back in a week and a half’s time and we’ll continue the journey with these characters some more.

Happy New Year.