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13 3898

#685 FallOut

13 thoughts on “#685 FallOut

  1. Awesome lighting in that last panel! Masterful!

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you. I like how it turned out too.

  2. seriously, that boy needs to get away from her

  3. She makes some valid points, but she certainly isn’t presenting any of them in a way that will be well received. I think you should tell her goodnight and go home to get some sleep, Emrys. Things might not look brighter in the morning, but at least you’ll have a clearer head (in theory) to deal with your new obstacles.

    1. I’ve been there before.

      Finding a new job will not be a problem. Get creative on your resume, have a friend act as a reference, or simply put ‘self employed’ for that period and don’t mention your old company at all.

      Emrys is an Artist. Corporate life would kill him like it killed Jack.

  4. Well, there is terrible lack of truck drivers everywhere 🙂 Some companies even pay you driving licence, you just have to work for em for several years.

  5. And that affirmation at poster is awesome.

  6. That last panel makes me wonder if she isn’t projecting her job insecurity on him. What I mean is, not so much that she’s in danger of losing her job, but she may be anxious about her employment future, as in trying to get a better job.

  7. GAH! Stephanie is such a bitch!

    She doesn’t want him staying with her because she couldn’t have all the other guys she’s banging come over.

    My wife and I have been through similar situations. We were together for five years before we got married.

    During that time, we’d both walked out on jobs, and not once did she ever treat me that way.

    That is how a real relationship is supposed to work, You have your SO’s back no matter what.

  8. Cold little bitch, isn’t she?

  9. Just have realized. Emrys have to be quite stupid, if he expect support from Steph.

    1. Emrys is not stupid, he’s naive.
      Stephanie is his first girlfriend, and the first girl he had sex with.

      It hasn’t really occurred to him that some people will be cold-hearted enough to use and manipulate their lovers.

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic


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