You might be interested to know that I knew a Jeff in high school. Oh, his name wasn’t Jeff and he didn’t have a mass a ginger hair, but I swear, he wore the same olive drab army surplus shirt every fucking day. I never knew if it was the same shirt day in and day out or if he pulled a Jeff Goldblum ala The Fly and had a dozen of them stashed in his closest. But that’s the secret reason behind Jeff’s wardrobe (or lack of it), and why his clothes hardly ever change when everyone elses does.

As for the shorts in winter, I think that’s a Portland thing. I see a lot of that when it snows here, and somehow it just fit for Jeff as well.

btw, no, I’m not going to be doing another Bohemian D&D story, at least not any time soon. (It was more to show Dave’s intentions.)

And don’t forget…


Till next we meet… Stay golden, ponyboy.

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