#437 On Demand

Been a long busy weekend fixing up the yard and putting in new garden boxes. I ache all over. Can't wait for the week to start again so I can relax and draw again. Thanks to everyone who writes in and leaves comments. I don't always comment back, but I will try. --Sorry if they aren't sometimes as witty as the comments themselves. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment. (I'll absolutely write back if anyone has a question about the characters or story.) I know there's a lot of readers out there that don't comment as well. That's cool too. I'm just glad you enjoy the comic. I got the next 13 comics written and some great storylines coming up for the next hundred. Buckle up! You're going to be going on an amazing rollercoster ride.

4 thoughts on “#437 On Demand

  1. I hope that you realize what a great accomplishment this comic is. Congratulations!

  2. I agree. I read this every week. Please don’t go away.

  3. I’ll third that sentiment, and add that, in the world of online comics, diligence is one of the most important traits for an author/artist to have if they want to succeed. The rest of it will come with time. 🙂

  4. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Wow guys. Thank you. You made me feel real good this week.

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