After many years of debate with myself, I have decided to take some reader’s advice and discard the original first few hand drawn comics and give them a completely new makeover. I am absolutely aware that most new readers jump to the first comic to see if it’s worth their while making these first 2 comics make or break with continued readership. I also fixed and re-drew small portions of comics 3-9, most notably replacing the lettering with the font used in the rest of the comics, but I refrained from completely redoing the comics. The overall artwork is still a bit rough but not as bad as the first two comics and I still wanted the old flavor it brings (that and I really don’t like redrawing comics I’ve already drawn).  I have kept the original comments below the comic as well.

To new readers, I hope you enjoy the series. It is a long and involved story. Thank you for reading!

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Here it is. After years of fucking around letting my drawing hand atrophy, I’ve finally decided to bring to light this little web comic. A some-what autobiographical (but not entirely) look at myself and situations that I’ve experienced through the years -especially in my twenties living in Long Beach CA. -Although I’ve changed the settings to my recent digs in Portland OR., (mostly so I can draw the locations).
The first two comic posts were done nearly a year ago when I thought I was ready to start it up and before my drawing chops got up to snuff. Things improve dramatically soon after that.

And now, the car is now in motion. Please keep keep your seat in an upright position and keep your arms inside at all times.