Okay, as you can see, kinda taking a breather from the New Year's Eve story today. Thought you all might like to take a look at the recent painting I did. Over the past week I was inspired to just paint something and Beth, being my fictional muse provided the right amount of encouragement. So much so that I'm starting on another Bohemian Nights portrait. I may do a whole set of the main characters off and on through out the year. Today's picture was a ton of fun to create, reminding me that I can do other forms of art besides comics. The story will return Friday with a few more unexpected twists. I got about twenty more comics before the night comes to a full close. Also, I should have two new pages of Belligerence up on Patreon this Wednesday, including the start of the final chapter of the comic. I would like to finish the comic in time to take a printed version to the conventions this fall.  Fingers crossed. If you are interested is seeing a short film of the making of the painting above, please visit the Bohemian Nights Facebook page and take a peek. Thanks again to all my readers, both new and loyal long-time fans, for coming back again and again. You are much appreciated. Patreon Girls click here  

6 thoughts on “Beth

  1. Oooh, pretty!

  2. That is a hot picture! Will prints ever be available?

  3. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you, all. I’m glad you like.
    (And yes, perhaps this may be made into a print at a later date. We’ll see how the other cast portraits turn out.)

  4. I’m impressed, not just to the technical facility, but the fact that to do portraiture of fictional characters, you have to have a very firm feeling of who the character is. So muse indeed. Well done.

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