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5 thoughts on “943 Letting off the Gas

  1. Valiy lemonchik, frayer! (Eat a lemon, bastard, bandits in STALKER when throwing grenade)

  2. Well, at least she ripped the bandaid off quickly instead of letting things slide for weeks or months. :-/

  3. Uh-oh, Dave. After the shit life has thrown at you (and the shit you’ve inflicted on yourself), and the way your mood has been spiraling downward lately, I can see you reacting very badly to this news once it penetrates. Please don’t do something you’ll regret.

  4. It seems like Dave is the most luckless character (unless we count Mark.) Well, I hope he’s philosophical- no one gets everything one wants.

    1. I don’t think It’s luck actually. This is the logical ending to Dave’s choices. In life.

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943 Letting off the Gas

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