5 2001

5 2002

5 thoughts on “#914 For the Love of it

  1. I do care, like and do too 🙂

  2. #1 Thing is a BJ…
    #2 Thing is eating a girls taco
    #3 Thing usually waits until her taco creams!

  3. Still interesting, how few visits and comments have Friday posts 🙂 I thought people would show more love 🙂

  4. Dining at the Y, a most pleasurable activity.

  5. I KNEW this was coming, which is why I said it was a bad idea for Beth to keep the heels on. Apparently Emrys is really good at this (at least how Stephanie reacted when he did it to her) so Beth might’ve accidentally jammed her heel into his neck if he “rocks her world.” Good call on Beth’s part to go barefoot.

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