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3 thoughts on “#981 Money for Nothing

  1. Just briefly, you have a ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ in the second panel. But also…
    It’s awful telling that Steph only wants Dave in order to get back at Beth and Emrys considering how little she respects him. And maybe Dave is not doing well right now and that’s legit… but the sex cant be that good, especially since she clearly doesn’t plan to help him out.
    I’d say she deserves what comes next… but the simple truth is no onw deserves that. She’s petty and spiteful, not actually evil. As much as I’m not on her side in these things, I’m not wishing ill on her. I want her to find peace.

  2. Those two together are more toxic than a cheap Vietnamese instant noodle soup which costs 10 CZK (50 cents).

  3. Wow, another good page… Toxic meets Poisoned. I agree with some of the points Greg D made. But perhaps it’s simply my looking at it from the other side. Why the hell should she ‘help him out’ no matter how good or bad the sex is? No matter how ‘well off’ she is? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time, IF they were in a loving relationship then yes I would think she’d be trying to help him, but there never was anything affectionate about their getting together. Gorbi1985 called it better (imho), they are worse than that cheap ramen (when better ramen can actually cost less, depending on where you are). The fact that he’s probably going to steal her sapphire so he can get his fix seems to be what’s being telegraphed and it’s so accurate for his type. Dave couldn’t honestly love someone if he wanted to, since he has a much more toxic master to answer to. As much as I don’t like Stephanie, I don’t wish the possible outcomes here on anyone. He’s using, hard drugs, that usually leads to a ton of additional issues, not to mention possible diseases which he can pass to her. She’s unknowingly taking those risks and he not caring in the slightest as long as he gets his high is how dangerous it can be. Having known folks like him before I can say that he’s nowhere near realizing how bad his situation is, after all, he’s only lost his friends, his dignity and his good sense (okay, he may never have any good sense but hey, giving the benefit of the doubt here.). So like most junkies, he’s thinking he’s on top of it all and doing well just so long as he can get his fix. This is another situation we’ve got going in this story that could rapidly turn into a total train wreck.

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#981 Money for Nothing

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